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Words that end in i: 20+ words ending in i with meaning

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Words that end in i / Words ending in i

Here is a list of English words that end in i (A list of words ending in i).

In this list, there are some plural words that end in i.

  1. Hi: an informal way of saying hello.
  2. Hi-fi: equipment used to play recorded music that produces high-quality stereo sound.
  3. Sci-fi: Science fiction
  4. Wi-fi = Wireless fidelity
  5. Panini: a sandwich made by Italian bread, usually toasted.
  6. Alumni (a plural word that ends with i): former students of a school, college, or university.
  7. Omani: from Oman.
  8. Bikini: a piece of clothing in 2 pieces that women wear for swimming and lying in the sun
  9. broccoli: a vegetable
  10. Nori: a plant that grows in the sea and eaten in Japan.
  11. Mooli: a type of white radish popular in Japan and China.
  12. graffiti: drawings or words, especially rude, humorous or political, on doors, walls, etc. in public places.
  13. Spaghetti: pasta in the shape of long thin pieces
  14. Safari: a journey in Africa to look at or hunt animals.
  15. Sashimi: a Japanese dish that consists of small pieces of uncooked fish and served with sauce.
  16. Salami: a type of large spicy sausage served cold in thin slices.
  17. Afghani: the official currency in Afghanistan.
  18. Thai: from Thailand
  19. Origami: the Japanese art of folding paper into attractive shapes.
  20. Tsunami: an extremely large wave in the sea that is caused by an earthquake.
  21. Samurai (from Japanese): a member of a powerful military class in Japan.
  22. Syllabi: plural of syllabus (words that end in i)
  23. Zucchini(plural): a vegetable
  24. Shanghai (verb): to force someone to do something or go somewhere.
  25. Hippopotami (plural)= hippopotamuses: the singular form is hippopotamus or hippo. A hippo is a large African animal with thick dark skin and short legs that lives in rivers and lakes.
  26. The cognoscenti (plural) (from Italian): People with a lot of knowledge about a particular subject.

These words that end in i will surely help you enrich your vocabulary. This list of words ending in i is not exhaustive. More words will be added to the list

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