What Is Better on Time or in Time?

There are many similar phrases and expressions in English like “on time”, “in time”, “just in time”, etc. So What is better on time or in time? What is the difference between in time and on time? How do you use in time on time?

As a whole, both on time and in time are correct phrases in English. For example, we can say: “He arrived on time” “He arrived in time”.

What Is Better on Time or in Time? What Is Correct on Time or in Time?

Difference Between in Time and on Time with Examples

In time meaning

“In time” has two meanings:

  • “In time” is the synonym of “eventually”


  • “In time for something/ to do something” means ‘not late’

Example: My kids are always in time for breakfast.

On Time Meaning

On time means at the time arranged, not before, not after.

Example: Our next meeting will start on time. (The meeting will start at the scheduled/arranged time not before, not after.)

In Good Time Meaning

In good time means with a comfortable margin.

Example: I arrived in good time for the party. (This means I arrived before the start of the party. Maybe the part started at 8.00 p.m, but I arrived at 7.45 p.m.)

In Time Example Sentences

  • She is in time for the meeting.
  • Passengers must be in time for their train.
  • They arrived at the station just in time for their train.
  • I am sure he will be in time.
  • If we run, we will be in time.
  • She lives near her office. She is always in time for work.
  • I am certain you will be in time if you get the 7 o’clock train.

On Time Example Sentences

  • He always comes on time.
  • He is punctual. He always arrives on time.
  • Please come on time. The meeting will start on time.
  • Please be on time. The door will be locked at 9.00.
  • My plane was not on time. It was delayed by fog.
  • We hurried to get to the game on time.
  • You don’t have to drive so fast. We’ll get there on time.

Is on Time Hyphenated?

On time is two words and is not hyphenated when it is used as an idiomatic expression. On the other hand, on-time can be used with a hyphen if it functions as an adjective.

We can say: Our company offers on-time delivery. (“on-time” is used as an compound adjective, that’s why it is hyphenated.)

What Is The Synonym of on Time?

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