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Types of crime list: Criminal offences

types of crime list

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Types of crime list 

There is a variety of crimes that criminals commit daily. In this post, you will go over the definitions of different crimes, criminal offences, and crime cases that take place in every corner of the world.

types of crime list
Types of crime list
  • Assault

The crime of hurting a person physically.


  • Theft

The crime of stealing money and things from a person or a place.


  • Mugging

Using violence to steal from someone in a public place ( a park, a street,etc.)


  • Robbery

Stealing money or goods from a bank, a shop/store, a person, etc. especially using violence or threat.


  • Armed robbery

The crime of using a weapon to rob a person or a place.


  • Burglary

Stealing from houses and flats.


  • Shoplifting

Stealing goods from a shop /store by deliberately leaving without paying from them.


  • Smuggling

Taking, sending or bringing goods secretly and illegally into or out of a country.


  • Kidnapping/abduction

Taking someone away illegally and keep them as a prisoner, especially to get money or something else for returning them.


  • Fraud

The crime of cheating/deceiving someone in order to get money or goods illegally.


  • Looting

Stealing from shops or homes that have been damaged in a war, a natural disaster, etc.


  • Vandalism

Intentionally damaging public property, or property belonging to other people.


  • Bribery

Trying to make someone do something you want by giving them money, presents, etc.


  • Arson

starting a fire in a building in order to damage or destroy it.


  • Domestic violence

physical assault that takes place within a home.


  • Child abuse

Behavior in which adults intentionally treat children in a cruel or violent way.


  • Terrorism

The use of violence such as bombing shooting, etc. for political purposes.


  • Speeding

The traffic offense of driving faster than the legal limit.


  • Drug driving

Driving after drinking too much alcohol.


(Driving under the influence/driving while intoxicated) driving after drinking too much alcohol.


  • Drug trafficking

Trading illicit drugs


This types of crime list is not exhaustive. More terms will be added to it.

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