There or their

There or their / Their vs there


There or their? Many learners of English confuse “there” with “their” and do not know which is which especially when they are doing writing tasks or exams.

Their vs there


So, what’s the difference between there and their?

There and their meaning: (their vs there)


⇒ There meaning:

1. There (adverb): (to, at, in) that place


There in a sentence:


  1. I have never been to Dubai. I will go there next holiday.
  2. Put the toys there.
  3. They are over there playing football.
  4. I hope we can get there on time.


2. There (adverb): used to show that something exists or happens


There in a sentence:


  1. There are 5 Chinese students in my class.
  2. There is a little milk in the fridge.
  3. There is an accident in the main street.


⇒ Their meaning:

1. Their (the possessive form of they)= of or belonging to them.


Their in a sentence:


  1. Amal and Sarah are international students. Their home country is Qatar.
  2. They are Tom and claire. Their eyes are blue.


2. “Their” is used to refer to one person to avoid saying “his or her”


Their in a sentence: (their or their)


  1. One of the students has left their book in classroom A2.
  2. If anyone calls, ask for their number so I can call them back.

Their vs there

I hope the examples above will help you use there and their accurately.

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