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English Tenses

English tenses

Tenses in English
  • Simple present tense

Simple present tense examples:

  1. I work as a teacher.
  2. Sandra works for a multinational company.
  3. She has some good colleagues.
  4. Tom works in New York.
  5. He watches videos on YouTube every day.
  6. She goes to work every morning.
  7. Sandra and Tom work for the same company.
  8. I don’t like my job.
  9. She doesn’t go to work on foot.
  10. He doesn’t speak Chinese well.
  11. They don’t play chess.


  • In positive sentences with he/she/it, we add s or –es to the infinitive.
  • In negative sentences with he/she/it, we use doesn’t (= does not) + infinitive.
  • In negative sentences with I/you/we/they, we use don’t (= do not) + infinitive.
  • The verb ‘have’ is irregular. He/she/it has

Third-person singular spelling rules

  • He’s a mechanic. He fixes cars.
  • She kisses her mom before going to school every morning.
  • Nancy watches movies in the evening.
  • Tim washes his hands before eating his meals.

Here are some perfect tenses in English:


  • Past Perfect tense:


  1. Past perfect simple: Examples and uses

  2. Past perfect continuous lesson

Past Perfect continuous forms

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