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Study skills in college: 4 essential college study skill

study skills in college

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What are some important study skills for college? What are some study skills examples?

Studying in high school, where students are a bit dependent on their teachers, is vastly different from studying in college. College students should have a number of skills that can help them become more independent learners.

Here are 4 highly important study skills in college.

Study skills in college

Here are 4 study skills examples:

Retrieval practice

Retrieval practice refers to a learning strategy in which you focus on recalling the information that you have learned before. Put away your books, notebooks, and notes and write down or sketch out everything you know about a certain topic.

Practice doing this in a frequent manner because retrieving your knowledge will surely help you reinforce what you have learned and will make it easier for you to remember it later on.

Research has shown that this strategy improves the learning process in all subject areas and it is useful for all ages. Retrieval practice is an essential technique that can be applied in different ways and for various ages.

To become better at retrieving information in tests and exams, you should practice recalling it beforehand, just like practicing any other skill. 

In short, retrieval practice is looked upon as one of the most effective study skills college students need.

Time management skills are among the best study skills in college

It is believed, nowadays, that time management has become a necessary study skill in college to achieve success. Successful students always have plans. They never pursue their studies in a helter-skelter fashion. On the contrary, they manage their time effectively.

A good way to efficiently manage your time is to have a to-do list on a daily basis, especially if you have a lot of assignments or during your preparation for the exams.

study skills in college
study skills in college

Effective time management helps you be more organized, so prioritized, and in control of your time. Furthermore, it allows you to get more work done in less time. In other words, it helps you learn how to study smarter, not harder.

Making notes

Making notes is considered to be one of the most essential study skills in college. It involves making your own record of important information and key ideas. You may use your own words and add your own ideas or questions.

study skills in college
Important college study skill

In college, students need to make notes from different sources such as lectures, books, encyclopedias, the Internet, etc.

College students can use a variety of ways to make notes. For instance, they can draw a spider diagram or a Mind Map.

Also, they can list the main headings and topics- keyword notes. In addition, they can copy out specific details like quotations and factual information from a book.

Research skills 

Research has been defined as the process of investigation and inquiry which can help to solve practical problems and increase knowledge. This type of skill is looked upon as one of the most important study skills in college.

In addition, it gives the students an opportunity to confirm, clarify or even discover new aspects or perspectives on a particular topic.

Research usually draws together the skills students have already developed, both inside and outside the university. These skills include retrieval, social skills, note-making skills, time management skills, writing skills, presentation skills, etc.

Students should develop the ability to distinguish between the different types of research which are exploratory, predictive, descriptive and analytical.

Besides, they should be able to know the different purposes of research. The purpose can be testing ideas, reviewing existing knowledge, investigating existing problems, exploring and analyzing current or past phenomena, explaining new phenomena or generating new knowledge.

In short, college students who could not develop study skills in high school are required to develop these skills either with the help of a study skills tutor who can provide them with a number of study skills tips or through attending a study skills class or doing a study skills course.

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