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SMS language : 100 useful texting abbreviations

SMS language/ Texting abbreviations

sms language

Texting abbreviations/ Abbreviation list

  1. ASL: Age, sex, location
  2. ASAP: As soon as possible
  3. b4: Before
  4. 2day: Today
  5. 2nite: Tonight
  6. 2moro: Tomorrow
  7. Gr8: Great
  8. YW: You are welcome
  9. B3: Blah, blah, blah
  10. B4: Before
  11. BTW: By the way
  12. BCS: Because
  13. B4N: Bye for now
  14. BTW: By the way
  15. D8: date
  16. IRL: In real life
  17. OMW: on my way
  18. EM: Excuse me
  19. FB: Facebook
  20. Thx: Thanks
  21. NVM: Never mind
  22. TTYL: Talk to you later
  23. F2F: Face to face
  24. B4N: Bye for now
  25. NAZ: Name, address, zip
  26. X: Kiss
  27. XOXO: Hugs and kisses
  28. CU: See you
  29. CYE: Check your email
  30. CUL8R: See you later
  31. POV: Point of view
  32. HAND: Have a nice day
  33. AFAIK: As far as I know
  34. @: At
  35. YOLO: You only live once
  36. ATM: At the moment
  37. IDK: I don’t know
  38. TBA: To be announced
  39. Thx: Thanks
  40. TU: Thank you
  41. TY: Thank You
  42. SWAK: Sealed with a kiss
  43. IDC: I don’t care
  44. IMHO: In my honest opinion
  45. MSG: Massage
  46. BFN: Bye for now
  47. ?: What?/question
  48. 4U: For you
  49. Y: Why
  50. IHNI: I have no idea
  51. B/C: Because
  52. B/W: Between
  53. HTH: Hope this helps
  54. HW: Homework
  55. RU: Are you
  56. IC: I see
  57. NM: Not much
  58. PPL: People
  59. NC: No comment
  60. OMG: Oh my Gosh
  61. TIME: Tears in my eyes
  62. BBL: Be back later
  63. BRB: Be right back
  64. BFF: Best friend forever
  65. GTG: Got to go
  66. G2G: Got to go
  67. CWOT: Complete waste of time
  68. ILU: I love you
  69. ILY: I love you
  70. AML: All my love
  71. LMK: Let me know
  72. BION: Believe it or not
  73. JK: Just kidding
  74. K: OK
  75. DIY: Do it yourself
  76. PCM: Please call me
  77. FOAF: Friend of a friend
  78. GF: Girlfriend
  79. BF: Boyfriend
  80. DEF: Definitely
  81. NNTR: No need to reply
  82. C&P: Copy and paste
  83. CTN: Cannot talk now
  84. OTL: Out to lunch
  85. RN: Right now
  86. NM: Never mind / Nothing much
  87. .NP: No problem
  88. W8: Wait
  89. WYWH: Wish You were here
  90. WB: Welcome Back
  91. Mo abbreviation: (mo = a moment)
  92. TIA acronym: Thanks in advance
  93. Soc acronym: Society: used in the name of some organizations.
  94. MI abbreviation: (mi = mile)
  95. MN abbreviation: The US state of Minnesota; used in addresses.
  96. AR abbreviation: The US state of Arkansas
  97. MS abbreviation: (plural mss) Manuscript
  98. MM abbreviation: Millimetre
  99. SME acronym: Small and Medium Enterprize.
  100. ATM abbreviation: At the moment

These texting abbreviations and texting acronyms (SMS language) have become very common among friends. They are frequently used in text messages, Whatsapp messages, and even in informal emails.

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