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Simile vs Metaphor

simile and metaphor. The two terms are referred to as a figure of speech that can be employed to make comparisons, but there is a slight difference between simile and metaphor. What is it?


A simile is a word or phrase that compares something (X) to something else (Y), using the words ‘as’ and ‘like’.


  • Tom was as brave as a lion in the last boxing match. (means he was very courageous).
  • Tom was like a lion in the last boxing match. (means he was very courageous).
  •  Helen works like a dog. (means she works very hard).
  • She is as pretty as a picture (means very pretty).
  • Her mind is like a computer.


A metaphor, on the other hand, states that one thing is something else. It is a comparison, but it doesn’t use ‘as’ or ‘like’.


  • Time is money.
  • Tom was a lion in his last boxing match.
  • The Internet connection was slower than a tortoise.
  • The mind is an ocean.
  • Time flies!
  • My mother has a heart of gold.

How about checking the difference between their and there.

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