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very short stories with morals: 2 interesting fables

short stories for kids

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very short stories with morals/ Fables for kids

short stories with morals

Here are some short stories with morals. These short stories are looked upon as good fables for kids and teenagers.

  • The dog and his reflection in the river (An Aesop’s Fable)

A dog was walking along the bank of a river. He was carrying a delicious piece of meat in his jaws. All of a sudden, he saw his own reflection in the river water. He thought that the reflection was another dog, which was carrying an even larger piece of meat than his own.

He couldn’t stand seeing the bigger piece of meat in the other dog’s mouth. He wanted to get that meat for himself and he jumped at the other reflected dog, trying to grab away the meat from the supposed rival.

Do you know what happened?? The greedy dog was left without his own piece of meat. Of course, he was also without the other piece of meat as it did not really exist.

It was just a reflection of his own piece of meat. Unfortunately, the real piece of meat that he was carrying had fallen into the river and was washed away.

short stories with morals
The dog and his reflection


Being envious of others’ luck could cause you to lose what you have already achieved with difficulty.

very short stories with morals/Fables for kids

  • The wolf and the horse (Aesop’s fables)

One day, a wolf was walking through the countryside and he saw a field of grain. As wolves do not eat grain, he carried on walking.

A few minutes later, he came across a horse. He finally saw something to eat! He came closer to the horse in a friendly manner and decided to show him the nice field of grain that he had just passed by, telling him how delicious that field had looked.

The wolf added that he could have eaten the grain himself, but he wanted one of his good friends to eat first from the field.

The horse was listening carefully and imagining the bad intentions of the wolf. He answered: ”Um if I had known that wolves eat grain, I would have believed what you are saying. But since I know it is not like this, thanks for nothing…”


Be careful of the friendliness of bad people as it can be false

These very short stories with morals are good for students and children in general.

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