Sayings about snow: Best snow sayings and quotes

If you are one of those who enjoy snow, snow-splotched landscapes, snow-poor winter, or heavy snowfalls, you might enjoy the following sayings about snow as well as some short snow phrases.

Sayings about snow 

Here are some Chinese sayings about snow.

  • One buried in the snow must after a while be discovered. — Chinese saying
  • He wishes to hide his footprints, and yet walks upon the snow.
  • When it snows in six-leaved flakes, it is a good omen of a prosperous year.
  • Unjustly-gotten wealth is but snow sprinkled with hot water; lands improperly obtained are but sandbanks in a stream.

sayings about snow

  • Unjustly got wealth is like snow sprinkled with water.
  • After a heavy fall of snow, fuel, rice, oil, and salt, all dearer grow.
sayings about snow
Snow sayings
  • Thieves steal in the rain, but not when it snows; Not in the moonlight, but when the wind blows.
  •  Let everyone sweep away the snow from before his own door, and not meddle with the hoar-frost on his neighbor’s tiles.
  • The larger one’s roof, the more snow it will collect.
  • Shovel the snow only from your own doorstep. Do not mind the frost forming on your neighbor’s roof.
  • Sending charcoal in the snow is better than adding flowers to a brocade.
  •  He who sends charcoal in a snowstorm is the true Superior man.
  • After the Small Snow, there is no plowing, after the Great Snow navigation is suspended.
snow sayings
Snow sayings
  • The moon, snow, and flowers cannot all be viewed at the same time. —- Japanese saying
  • As the hot sun melts the snows, when anger comes, wisdom goes. —- Indian saying
  • Tradition wears a snowy beard.

Other snow sayings and quotes

  • “A snowman is the perfect man. He’s very well rounded and comes with his own broom.” — Unknown
  • “Life is like a blanket of snow. Be careful how you step on it. Every step will show!” — Unknown
  • “Snow provokes responses that reach back to childhood.” — Andy Goldsworthdy
  • “When snow falls, nature listens.” — Antoinette van Kleef

Snow quotes/snowflake quotes

snow quotes

  • “No snowflake in an avalanche feels responsible.” — Voltaire
  • Descending, winter crow, wings-spanned on a branch, shakes away the snow.”
  • “Down the mountainside, waterfalls in a terraced-brook, sun on melting snow.”
  • Sugar-frosting moon; bare, black branches in the sky; snow is coming soon.”
  • “Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity” — Novala Takemoto
  • “Well, I know now. I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person” — Sylvia Plath

“I miss the snow. I miss looking at it, walking in it, tasting it. I used to love those days when it was so cold everyone else would be tucked away inside trying to stay warm. I would be the only one out walking, so I could look across the fields and see miles of snow without a single footprint in it. It would be completely silent – no cars, no birds singing, no doors slamming. Just silence and snow.” — Damien Echols

Snow sayings video

Short snow phrases

The following are some short and catchy snow phrases.

  • As white as snow.
  • Snowed under
  • Snowed up
  • Snowed in
  • Snowstorm
  • Ice storm
  • Loose snow
  • Blanket of snow
  • Freezing rain
  • A thin wisp of snow
  • Heavy wet snow
  • Hitch a dog a dog to a sled.
  • In sub-zero cold
  • Cold-related deaths.
  • The Ice Age
  • Glaciologists.
  • Loose ice melts away
  • Fast-forming ice.
  • Ice crystals.
  • Ice fields.
  • Land ice.
  • Sea ice.
  • Icecaps.
  • Ice slabs.
  • Snow-fields.
  • Snow scrapers.
  • Snow started to thaw.
  • Snow built 3 metres high.
  • Snow job
  • Snow bunny

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