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Remember vs Remind

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Is it remind me of or remind me about? Is it remind or remember?

It’s correct to say remind me of. It’s not correct to say remind me about. Remember vs remind: What’s the difference?

In this post, we’ll answer the aforementioned questions and give remember vs remind in sentences.

Remember vs Remind/ Remind vs Remember: What’s the Difference?

Remember usage

  • Remember ( not used in the continuous form): To have or keep an image in your memory of a person, an event, a place, etc. from the past.

Remember  something/someone …

To remember + verb + ing

Remember + infinitive with to

Remember in sentences

  1. I can remember all my students’ faces, but not their names.
  2. I still remember my first day at school.
  3. Do you remember me? We used to go to primary school together.
  4. Please remember to turn off the lights before you leave.
  5. I remember turning off the lights this morning.
  6. As far as I can remember, Janet was always good at languages.

How to use the verb to remember

Remember + infintive

Remember + gerund

Use of remind

  • Remind is used when someone or something helps you think of something you have or might have forgotten.

Remind someone of  something/somebody

Remind someone to do something

Remind me in sentences

  1. This smell reminds me of my mother.
  2. You remind me of your father when you say that.
  3. Please, remind me to call him after the meeting.
  4. Remind your children to have enough sleep before the exam.
  5. The gift you gave me reminds me of you.
  6. This song reminds of you.
  7. This photo reminds me of you. When I see it, I remember you and the souvenirs we had together.

It reminds me of you meaning:

It reminds me of you means it makes me remember you. It makes me think of you.

Sentence 5 above means you gave me a gift and it reminds me of you. This means that when I see the gift, I remember you and think of you.

Instead of reminds me of you can say it makes me remember or it makes me think of.

Hopefully, remember vs remind has been clearly explained. Now then, check the difference between needn’t have done and didn’t need to do.

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