Important Prefixes and Suffixes Exercises with Answers pdf

Before exploring these prefixes and suffixes exercises with answers pdf, this introduction will definitely help you recognize prefixes and suffixes. So, What is a prefix? What is a suffix?

A prefix is a letter or letters added to the beginning of a word or base word. (il- is an example of prefix). If you add the prefix il- to the word legal, you get the word illegal.

As you can notice, the prefix il- changes the meaning of the word legal to its opposite. So, generally speaking, prefixes change the meaning of the words they are attached to.

On the other hand, a suffix is a letter or a small group of letters that can be edded to end of a word to make a new word. (-ful and -less are suffix examples).

If you add the suffixes -ful or less to the base word help, you form the words helpful and helpless. You can notice that when you attach a suffix to the end of a word, you not only change the meaning of this word but you also change its part of speech (= you change the word class).

Prefixes and Suffixes Exercises with Answers pdf

1. Prefixes Exercises with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the correct prefix from the list: over-, under-, re-, ir-, un-, im-, il-,

  1. My desk is —tidy. I need to clean it up.
  2. It was —fair of the teacher not to treat the students equally.
  3. I do not think that she will be —elected for another term.
  4. It is considered —polite to ask about sombody’s salary..
  5. He is still —employed. He has been looking for a job for months.
  6. I did not like the meat. It was —cooked.
  7. He always acts in an —responsible manner when he loses his temper.
  8. Some students displayed —proper behavior during the activity.
  9. In some poor countries, a lot of people are —literate.
  10. I did not do well on the last test. I think I’ll have to —take it.
  11. The fish is —cooked . It is totally burnt.
  12. You should learn —regular verbs by heart.

2. Suffixes Exercises with Answers

Fill in the blanks with the right suffix. from the list: -al, -ment, -ful, -ness, -able, -en, –

  1. Success— people always set smart goals.
  2. I go to a fit— centre twice a week.
  3. This sofa is comfort—.
  4. He could not go to work yesterday because of sick—.
  5. I do not advise you to talk to him. He is not help—.
  6. Reading is the best way to broad— your knowledge.
  7. Poor countries suffer from unemploy—.
  8. The weather is too cold in this area. I have to buy some wool— clothes.
  9. Equal— is the belief that everyone should be equal.

Prefixes and suffixes PDF

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