Prefix Meaning New: Prefix That Means New

prefix meaning new

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What prefix means new? What is the prefix meaning new? What is new prefix? What’s the opposite of neo-?

Prefix Meaning New

The prefix neo- means new. From the Greek ‘neos’ which means new, young, recent, fresh. The opposite of neo- is paleo-.

Here is a list of words with the prefix neo-:

  • Neo-classical
  • Neo-classicism
  • Neo-colonialism
  • Neo-Georgian
  • Neo-fascist
  • Neoliberal
  • Neo-conservative
  • Neo-creationist
  • Neo-Aramaic
  • Neo-Attic
  • Neo-Baroque
  • Neo-Bolshevik
  • Neo-charismatic
  • Neo-Christianity
  • Neo-Confucian
  • Neo-creo
  • Neo-Darwinism
  • Neo-druidism
  • Neo-Greek
  • Neo-Marxism
  • Neo-Marxist
  • Neo-Middle Egyptian
prefix meaning new
Neo meaning prefix

The prefix neo- means new or recent.

Prefix Meaning New Medical Terminology

In medical terms, the prefix neo- means new. Here are some examples:

The prefix neo in a sentence

Neonatal = connected with newborn babies

Neo- in a sentence: This hospital’s neonatal unit is well-equipped.

What is new prefix?

The prefix for new is over-. We can say overnew which means very new.

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