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Phrasal verbs list: In the classroom

Phrasal verbs list: In the classroom

Teachers often use a number of idioms and phrasal verbs when they give instructions in the classroom. Both teachers and learners should know these common important phrasal verbs.

  • First of all. Let’s go over the homework.
  • You can leave out exercise B.
  • If you make a mistake, rub it out.
  • Take it in turns to read dialogue No 2.
  • Sarah, swap places with Olivia, please.
  • Finish the exercise off at home and hand it in tomorrow.
  • Put all the books away before you leave.
  • OK, let’s call it a day.

Phrasal verbs list in class with definitions: 

phrasal verbs list

  • First of all: Before doing anything else/at the beginning.
  • Go over/through sth: Look at, check, or discuss sth carefully.
  • Leave sth out: Not do sth, e.g. an exercise.
  • Rub sth out: remove writing or a mark from something by erasing it with a piece of rubber or cloth.
  • Swap places with sb: Take sb’s seat or position so they can take yours.
  • Finish sth off: Do the last part of sth
  • Hand in: Submit; give something to an authority, especially a piece of work. 
  • Hand out: Distribute
  • Put something away: Put something where you usually keep it, especially after using it.
  • Call it a day: Decide to stop what you are doing ( often work).

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