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Paragraph about learning English: 1 strong awesome paragraph

paragraph about learning English

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How to write a paragraph is a highly important skill that students should develop or improve. A lot of teachers of English ask their students to write a paragraph about the advantages of learning English.

Here is a well-written paragraph about learning English. Specifically, it is a paragraph about the importance of learning English.

It is a good paragraph for English learners who would like to know or write about the importance of learning English. It contains the most important elements of a good paragraph, namely the topic sentence, the supporting ideas, and the concluding sentence.

A number of linking words have been used to make the paragraph both coherent and cohesive. The paragraph below answers the following questions: Why is learning English important? Why is it important to learn English? Why is English important in our life? How can I learn English paragraph? Why is learning English paragraph important?

Paragraph About Learning English

Paragraph about learning English/ The importance of learning English paragraph

paragraph about learning English
Paragraph example / Paragraph about learning English

The Importance of Learning English Paragraph

The importance of learning English paragraph in 200 words/ Paragraph on English learning

The following English easy paragraph about the importance of learning English is also good for those who are looking for “the importance of learning English paragraph 100 words” and the “10 benefits of learning English”

English has become a very important language for several reasonsFirstly, it enables communication with people of different nationalities. For instance, one can communicate with people who come from English-speaking countries as well as countries where English is not the native language. Secondly, no one can deny the importance of English in education and in the students’ life.  Many of the world’s books are published in English. Also, most of the content produced on the Internet is in English. So those who can use English have access to an incredible amount of information. Additionally, English is needed if students want to continue their studies abroad, especially in English-speaking nations. Thirdly, English helps graduate students to find better jobs. A big number of companies require the ability to use English as a qualification to recruit their professional staff. Fourthly, the English language is crucial for travel and business. People who can use English travel around the globe without any communication problems. Because it is the international language for foreigners, it’s easy to get assistance and help if you are at an airport or a train station wherever you are in the world. Business people need English as it is the language of business. They not only use English on the Internet, but also in face-to-face communication. In short, English is really essential in today’s world.

Notice the paragraph writing format. This long paragraph about learning English (The importance of English paragraph) has three important parts, namely a topic sentence, supporting ideas (= supporting sentences), and a concluding sentence.

Here are the 3 important elements of this paragraph about learning English.

  1. Topic sentence: English has become a very important language for several reasons
  2. Supporting sentences (supporting ideas): The examples and detail that support the topic sentence.
  3. Concluding sentence: In short, English is really essential in today’s world.

To recap, a good paragraph in English comprises the 3 main elements above: A topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. We hope you have found this paragraph about learning English interesting and useful.

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To introduce an example you can use the following linking words: For instance, for example, an example of (+noun), such as (+noun), like, namely, a great example is, to give an example, a similar example is, another example is, an additional example is, a different example is, a common example is, a better example is, etc.

  • To add an idea:

Additionally, in addition, moreover, furthermore, besides, also, and, too, as well, not only …but also, another (+noun), an additional (+noun), etc.

  • Concluding transition words:

In short, in brief, in conclusion, in summary, as a conclusion, to sum up, indeed, all things considered, all in all, in a nutshell, to conclude, overall, finally, at last, last but not least, etc.

  • To introduce a result:

As a consequence, as a result, accordingly, consequently, thus, therefore, hence, so, result in, cause, affect, have an effect on, thereby, etc.

  • To express cause:

Because, for, since, as, because of, owing to, due to, thanks to, result from (verb), to be the result of, one effect of, one consequence of, as a consequence of, as a result of…

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