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Paragraph About Good Citizen: Duties of a Good Citizen Paragraph

paragraph about good citizen

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How to write a paragraph is an extremely important skill that students need to improve. Students are usually asked to write a paragraph about good citzen.

Here is a good citizen paragraph for students. This simple paragraph about good citizen contains the three parts of a good paragraph.

How To Be a Good Citizen Writing

Paragraph About Good Citizen/ 10 Lines on Good Citizenship

This paragraph on good citizenship answers the following questions: Are you a good citizen? Explain. Do you think you are a good citizen? Why or why not? What does it mean to be a good citizen paragraph?

I think I am a good citizen for a number of reasons. First of all, I often participate in community service. That is, I do a variety of activities that can benefit other people in my community. For example, in my neighborhood, my friends and I volunteer to collect litter and dispose of it in a garbage can. In addition, I usually help the homeless and the elderly. Also, I donate money to some local and national organizations. Additionally, I donate blood to save other people’s lives. Other activities I do to exercise my citizenship include voting in elections, protecting and taking care of the environment, and respecting the law. Furthermore, as a responsible citizen, I try hard to conserve water and energy and advise my family members and friends to do so. In short, being a good citizen calls for performing several duties and responsibilities.

paragraph about good citizen
How to be a good citizen writing

These 10 lines on good citizen make a good paragraph. As you can see, this paragraph about good citizens has the consists of 3 parts: A topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Continue reading! There is another good paragraph about good citizen at school towards the end of this post.

A well-written paragraph on the importance of learning English.
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What are 10 Characteristics of a Good citizen?

The following characteristics/qualities are what make a good citizen.

  1. A good citizen is responsible
  2. A good citizen volunteers to be active in her/his community.
  3. A good citizen follows the rules and laws.
  4. A good citizen protects the environment.
  5. A good citizen is respectful.
  6. A good citizen is compassionate.
  7. A good citizen is tolerant.
  8. A good citizen participates in her/his nation’s political life.
  9. A good citizen is patriotic.
  10. A good citizen is just and loves justice.

How can you be a good citizen at school and at home?

There are many ways to be a good citizen at school and at home.

Ways to be a good citizen at schoolWays to be a good citizen at home
1. Follow your school rules.
2. Help your schoolmates if they have problems.
3. Be responsible and take charge of what you do.
4. Listen to others and apologize when you are wrong.
1. Be helpful.
2. Follow your parents’ instructions.
3. Tidy up your room and put away your toys.
4. Admit if you do something wrong and apologize.

5 Qualities of a Good Citizen

  • Kindness: a good citizen is friendly with others.
  • Responsibility: taking charge of what you do.
  • Honesty: telling the truth.
  • Self-discipline: having control of yourself.
  • Tolerance: accepting others in spite of their religion or race.

Paragraph About Ways to Be a Good Citizen at School

There are many ways to be a good citizen at school. First, you should respect the school rules as well as your classroom rules. Second, a student can be a good citizen if he/she is responsible for what he/she does inside the school. For instance, if he/she does something wrong, they should admit it and say sorry. Third, a student can exercise citizenship through doing different things at school such as helping students who have problems, following teachers’ instructions, and listening to others to know if they need help. Fourth, a student can become a better citizen at school by being respectful of all schoolmates as well as school staff. All in all, students can show that they are good citizens in different ways.

As you can notice, both paragraphs about good citizen have the three parts of a good paragraph, namely a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

Our coming post might be on how to be a good citizen essay.

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