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Other Words for Arrive: Important and Useful Arrive Synonyms

other words for arrive

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 What can I say instead of arrive? What are arrive synonyms in English?

Other Words for Arrive

In this post, you’ll learn various arrive synonyms in English. You can use the phrases below instead of arrive.

Arrive Synonyms in English

Arrive means to reach a place or come.

Here are some synonyms of arrive with examples.

Get there

‘Get there’ refers to the future. For example, you can say “I hope you get there on time.’  ‘ We will get there by midnight.’

Get in

When ‘get in’ means ‘arrive’, it is usually used in the past tense.


  1. What time did you get in?
  2. We got in very late last night.
  3. She got in on time.

Get to

  1. We got to Manchester at 10 p.m.
  2. What time did you get to the station?

Got to /Got in Is Another Word for Arrived.


Reach means “arrive at something”

  1. We have reached a good decision.
  2. We have reached an agreement about the matter.

Arrive Antonyms

The opposite of arrive is ‘leave’ or ‘depart

The opposite of arrive home is leave home.

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