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Other Words for And: 15 Amazing Synonyms of and + Examples

other words for and

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What words can replace and? What is the synonym of the word and? Other words for and?

This post deals with some synonyms of and, along with example sentences. These and synonyms can be used in an essay. They can be employed for linking sentences and clauses.

  What words can I use instead of and?

Other Words for and in an Essay (And in Other Words)

Here are some synonyms for ‘and’ that you can use to join sentences in an essay or a paragraph.

And means “as well”/ “too”

⇒ Sandra can speak English fluently. She can write it brilliantly as well / too.

And means “also” (and synonym)

⇒ Sandra can speak English fluently. She can also write it brilliantly.

⇒ Sandra can speak English fluently. Also, she can write it brilliantly.

“Besides”, “in addition”, “furthermore”  are synonyms of and.

  • I am too tired to go jogging. Besides, the weather is terrible.
  • We took some beautiful photos. In addition, we enjoyed climbing the mountains.

  • Some schools are in bad condition. Furthermore, there is no money to repair them.
  • She can speak 3 foreign languages. Additionally, she can write them brillantly.
other words for and
And synonym
Sentence 1Amazing synonyms of and (And in other words)Sentence 2
Children should respect their parents.Likewise/ EquallyThey should respect their teachers.
Physical exercise is good for the body.EquallyReading books is good for the mind.
For this job, you need some teaching experience.In additionYou need a TEFL degree.
Electronic books are becoming easier to useMoreover/what’s more/furthermore/more than thatThey are becoming cheaper.
I am too tired to go jogging. Besides/ more than thatThe weather is terrible.
He can speak three foreign languages.AdditionallyHe is good at writing them.

And Synonyms at the Beginning of a Sentence

  • In addition to working as a doctor, he teaches medical students at a college.
  • In addition to foreign languages, she excels at Physics.
  • Besides/ apart from having a good salary, he also has a private income.

In addition to + verb + ing

In addition to + noun

Besides and apart from are followed by verb + ing when used at the beginning of a sentence.

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