One and ones

One and ones

one and ones

We use one instead of repeating a singular countable noun. We can use ones instead of repeating a plural noun. One and ones are usually used when it is clear from the context what we are talking about.


Here are some ” one and ones examples:

  • Waiter: Would you like a drink?

Client: No, thanks. I have already got one. (a drink)


  • I do not like these jeans. I want to try on the blue ones. (jeans)


  • One /ones are not used instead of uncountable nouns. For example,

→ If you need any money, I can lend you some. (Not I can lend you one or ones)

→ If we need more bread, I can make some. (Not I can make one or ones)

What is the difference between concrete and abstract nouns?

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