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Massive Online Open Courses: Best Online Courses

Massive Online Open Courses

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What are massive online open courses? What are the best online courses?

MOOCs stands for Massive Online Open Courses. These online courses have open access via the Internet and can be done by a very large number of students/learners. MOOCs allow students to interact with trainers/teachers and other participants.

MOOCs or Massive Online Open Courses have become at hand as there are many online learning platforms.
Massive Online Open Courses

Coursera Massive Open Online Courses

Coursera is among the best online course platforms that can be used by young learners and adult learners to have access to MOOCs.

Here are some massive online courses hosted by Coursera:

“Learning to teach online” is an amazingly important free online course developed by The University of New South Wales, Sydney. This online course is hosted by Coursera, a well-known platform for its MOOC courses.

This online course deals with several crucial topics:

  1. The importance of online teaching + Open and institutionally supported technologies.
  2. How to plan online learning + Ideas to design online learning activities.
  3. Online assessment strategies (How to conduct assessment online)
  4. Online resources
  5. How to motivate and engage students
  6. Evaluation strategies

You can enroll in this Coursera free course here.

2. Coursera learning how to learn course: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects

Millions of learners have joined this Coursera learning how to learn course. It is a perfect course for anyone who wants to learn anything.

This online course is considered one of the best massive online open courses which will surely equip you with the tools and techniques you need to master any tough subject.

After doing this personal development course, you will be able to master any difficult subject.

In this course, the videos have subtitles in a variety of languages such as Tamil, Arabic,  French, Bengali, Ukrainian, Portuguese (European), Serbian, Chinese (Simplified), Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Vietnamese, Dutch, Korean, Estonian, German, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Hebrew, Spanish, Romanian, Persian, Hungarian, and Polish.

Other Massive Online Open Courses

  • Teaching EFL/ESL Reading: A Task Based Approach

Reading is one of the four basic language skills that teachers of English should teach. This course explores ways of teaching reading skills in English as Second and Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) using a task-based approach.

It is one of the most important free online courses for English teachers with certificates. You will be introduced to the concept of task and the key principles of task-based language teaching (TBLT) and learning.

TBLT uses communicative tasks as the key unit for creating language learning activities. You will also examine the role of reading in real-life and in second and foreign language teaching and current thinking about the interface between TBLT and second language reading.  

  You will explore how TBLT and teaching second language reading can be successfully integrated into practice through analyzing task-based reading materials. The course culminates in creating task-based materials for teaching reading in your own language teaching contexts. After completing this online English teaching course, you will be able to:  

  1. Explain the main components and tenets of a task-based approach to teaching language.
  2. Explain the main issues involved in teaching reading.
  3. Illustrate connections between TBLT approaches and the teaching of reading.
  4. Integrate tasks into your own teaching.
  5. Identify reading texts that are suitable for the construction of tasks.
  6. Construct reading tasks and sequences for use in your own classroom.

This course online course is considered to be among the best free web courses for teachers.

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