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Making requests

Making and responding to requests

Request(n): asking for something or asking someone to do something in a polite or formal way.

Below is a list of expressions that you can use in making requests and responding to requests.

Making Requests

  • Could I/we ask you a question?
  • Can/ Could you help with this difficult exercise?
  • Could you lend me some money until tomorrow?
  • Could you possibly ………..?
  • I wonder if you could….?
  • Would you close the door, please?
  • Do you think you could……?
  • Would you mind helping me with this heavy bag?
  • Would you mind if I opened the window? It’s hot in here.

Responding to Requests

  • Certainly
  • Certainly not
  • Sure
  • Yes, of course
  • Sorry I can’t
  • I’ll see what I can do
  • I’m afraid I can’t
  • No, not at all
  • Actually, I’d like to keep it closed



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