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Making Requests Exercises: Polite Request Exercises + Key

making requests exercises

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Making requests exercises: You can write a request in an email, a message, etc. You can also make a request orally. What is making a request? What do you usually say while making a request? Making requests exercises.

Making a request is asking for something or asking someone to do something. You can politely ask a person to do something and this is called ‘polite request’.

An informal request is usually made when asking a friend, a family member, or someone you know for something or asking them to do something. In this post, you will practice making requests in different exercises.

Making Requests Exercises/Making Requests worksheet

Here are some making requests exercises that will help you practice making formal and informal requests

Polite Requests Exercises with Answers

making requests exercises

Request exercise 1: Put the following words in the right order to make correct requests

  1. mind – you – sending -would – me – money -some?
  2. help – could – you – me- this – do – homework?
  3. wonder – could – I – if – borrow -I – car – your?
  4. you – me – could – give – hand – a ?
  5. open – would – that -window – you – please?
  6. repeat – that – please – you -could?
  7. you – do – if – mind – opened – I – window – the?
  8. I – turn on – airconditioner – the – may? It’s hot in here.

Request exercise 2: Complete these formal and informal requests with the best option.

1. Can you……….the salt, please?
a. pass b. passing c. to pass
2. Would you mind……..me some money?
a. lend b. to lend c. lending
3. Will you……me with these heavy bags, please?
a. help b. to help c. helping
4. Do you mind if I……..the window? It’s hot in here.
a. opening b. opened c. open
5. Would you…..quiet, please?
a. to be b. being c. be
6. Can I…………your copybook? I need to copy some lessons.
a. borrowed b. borrow c. to borrow

Making Requests Exercises Answers (Key)

Exercise 1 answers:

  1. Would you mind sending me some money?
  2. Could you help me do this exercise?
  3. I wonder if I could borrow your car?
  4. Could you give me a hand?
  5. Would you open that window, please?
  6. Could you repeat that, please?
  7. Do you mind if I opened the window?
  8. May I turn on the airconditioner? It’s hot in here.

Exercise 2 answers:

  1. Can you pass the salt, please?
  2. Would you mind lending me some money?
  3. Will you help me with these heavy bags, plesae?
  4. Do you mind if I opened the window? It’s hot in here.
  5. Would you be quiet, please?
  6. Can I borrow your copybook? I need to copy some lessons.

We hope you’ve found these making requests exercises useful and helpful.

Making Requests Examples. Here, you’ll find an interesting lesson on how to make requests and how to respond to requests.

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