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Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood story (the wolf and red riding hood)

little red riding hood

Once upon a time, a little polite girl lived in a village near the forest. Her mother and grandmother loved her very much. One day, her mother gave her a small red cap. When the girl put the cap on, she looked really beautiful that the people called her “Little Red Riding Hood”.

Little Red Riding Hood used to play with her do and the small birds near her house. One day, her mother prepared some cakes and said to her: ” Go and take care of your grandmother. I heard she is ill. Take her these sweet cakes and this pot of butter.”

The Red Riding Hood put the packet of cakes and the butter in a basket and went to her grandmother’s house which is nearby. While she was passing by the forest, she met a wolf that wished to eat her, but he couldn’t because there were some people in the forest.

The cunning wolf got closer to the little girl and said: ” Where are you going little red riding hood?” She answered: “I’m on my way to see my grandmother and give her the cakes and the butter my mother has sent her.” The wily wolf asked her: “Does she live far away?” Little Red Riding Hood replied: “Yes, she lives near that mill; in the first house of the village.”

The wolf said: “Well, I’ll go with you in order to see her, but I will take a different road and we will see who is going to reach the house first.” The clever wolf took the shorter road, but the little red riding hood took the longer one. On her way, she amused herself by picking up flowers and running after butterflies. 

So, the wily wolf arrived first at the grandmother’s house; he knocked at the door; the grandmother asked: “Who’s knocking?” The wolf replied imitating the little girl’s voice: ” It’s me, the little red riding hood. I have brought you some cakes and some butter.” The grandmother said: “Pull the small rope and come in.”

The wolf pulled the rope and entered, attacked the grandmother, and ate her. Then he closed the door and lay down in the grandmother’s bed waiting for the little girl to arrive.

A few minutes later, the Little Red Riding Hood arrived and knocked at the door. The wolf asked: “Who’s knocking?” The girl was afraid of the wolf’s rough voice, but she thought that her grandmother’s voice was rough because she was sick; so, she answered: “It’s me, little riding hood. I have some food for you.”

little red riding hood

The cunning wolf replied with a smooth voice: “Pull the rope and enter.” When she entered, the wolf said: “Come and sleep next to your grandmother.”

She approached the wolf and said with great surprise:

“Oh, grandmother! why are your arms so big?”

“To embrace you well, my little girl.” answered the wolf

“Why are your legs very big?”

“To run well, my granddaughter.”

“Why are your ear too long?”

“To hear well, my dear little girl.”

“Grandma, why is your mouth too big?”

“To eat you!!”

The wicked wolf attacked the Little Red Riding Hood and ate her up.

The Little Red Riding Hood moral lesson:
Children should never talk to strangers.


little red riding hood
Little Red Riding Hood moral

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