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List of prepositional phrases: 5 very important lists

list of prepositional

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The English language is rich with prepositional phrases. What is a prepositional phrase? What is an example of a prepositional phrase?

In this post, after defining ‘prepositional phrase’, we’ll give you a list of prepositional phrases with meaning.

Prepositional phrase definition

Let’s define prepositional phrase first. A prepositional phrase is a combination of a preposition followed by a noun or a pronoun.

List of prepositional phrases examples

Below are some lists of the most common prepositional phrases in English.

On prepositional phrases list 

  • On purpose

Deliberately and not by accident

  • On a diet

When you are on a diet, you eat less food or only food of a particular type to lose weight.

  • On holiday

On vacation; not at work or school.

  • On fire

Giving you a painful burning feeling.

  • On sight

As soon as you see someone.

  • On business

Doing something that is part of your job.

  • On order

If something is on order, it has been ordered but hasn’t been received yet.

10 examples of prepositional phrases with in

  • In a hurry

Not having enough time to do something.

  • In particular

Particularly or especially

  • In trouble

In a dangerous or difficult situation

  • In private

With no one else present

  • In work (British English)

Have a job.

  • In order

As it should be/ Valid.

  • In sight

If something is in sight, it will happen soon.

  • In luck


  • In a flash

Suddenly or quickly.

  • In a heartbeat 

Very quickly and without needing to think about it.

List of 20 prepositional phrases with at

  • At once

Immediately, without delay / Simultaneously.

  • At night

When it’s dark.

  • At the moment

Right now

  • At first

At/in the beginning.

  • At last

Finally, in the end.

  • At work (idiom)

Having an effect on something.

  • At a loss

When you don’t know what to do, you are at a loss.

  • At a glance


  • At a price

For a lot of money

  • At a snail’s pace

Very slowly

  • At a good clip


  • At a premium

If you get something at a premium, you pay a high price for it because it’s not easily available.

  • At any cost/ at all costs

No matter how much money or effort is required.

  • At ease

Relaxed and comfortable.

  • At risk

In danger

  • At length

For a long time

  • At hand 

Very near or close

  • At times 

Sometimes/ Occasionally

  • At a distance

Not too close

  • At large 

If a criminal/ a murderer is at large, he/she is not in prison. He/she is still free.

5 examples of prepositional phrases with for

  • For nothing

At no cost

  • For instance

For example

  • For a while

For a period of time

  • For the sake of

For the purpose of/ for the interest of

  • For sale/rent/

If something is for sale/ rent, it is offered to people to buy/ rent.

List of prepositional phrases with out of

list of prepositional

  • Out of sight

Away or cannot be seen.

  • Out of date

Old-fashioned/ No longer valid.

  • Out of the ordinary

Different or unusual.

  • Out of order

Not working correctly.

  • Out of luck

Not lucky

  • Out of work

Without a job.

  • Out of breath

Having difficulty breathing after running or exercising.

List of prepositional phrases with by

  • By hand

Made or done by a person and not a machine.

  • By night

Not by day/ during the night

  • By law

If you have to do something by law, it is illegal not to do it.

  • By heart

Using only your memory.

  • By air

In an airplane

  • By all means

Used to say that you are willing for someone to have something or do something.

  • By no means

Not at all.

  • By mistake

By accident, not intentionally.

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