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Is is a verb

Is is a verb? Is the word is a verb? Is verb examples

“Is” is a linking verb. It connects a subject with the adjective or noun that describes it. “Is” is the form of the verb be with the third person singular he, she, and it.

“Is” is used with the subject pronouns he, she, and it.

Is verb examples (Is is a verb?)

  • He is a doctor. He is not a nurse.
  • Is he a doctor or a nurse?
  • She is sick. She is not well today.
  • It is big.
  • Is it useful? Yes, it is.
  • “Love is blind.” Saying

The contraction of is is ‘s (apostrophe s). Here are some examples of is contraction:

  • He’s a doctor. He’s not a nurse.
  • She’s sick.
  • It’s big.
  • Love’s blind.


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