Is Are a Verb

There are different types of verbs in English. Linking verbs, auxiliary verbs, action verbs, state verbs, etc.

Is Are a Verb or Not?

Are is a verb. Are is a form of the verb be. Are is used with second person singular (you). Are is also used with first, second and third person plural. (we, you, and they).

Subject pronounsForm of the verb be
You (singular)are
You (plural)are

What Type of Verb Is Are?

Are is a linking verb

Are is a linking verb. Here are some examples of are as a linking verb:

  • How much are those trainers?
  • They are 40 dollars.
  • These bills are for you.
  • They are beautiful.
  • We are from Washington.
  • We are engineers.
  • Where are you from?

Are is an auxiliary verb

Are is an auxiliary verb. Here are some examples of are as an auxiliary verb.

Are is used with present participle to form present progressive tense.

  • You are learning English right now.
  • We are doing sport this afternoon.
  • They are writing emails to their friends.

Is are a verb or an adverb?

Are is a verb not an adverb.

Is are an adjectives?

No, are is not an adjective. Are is a verb.

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