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Intelligence vocabulary: 40+ essential intelligent words

intelligence vocabulary

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Intelligence vocabulary. A lot of people ask this question: “What is intelligence in psychology? As a matter of fact, there are several theories of intelligence in psychology. ()

However, the concept of intelligence has been generally defined as the cognitive ability to solve problems. Intelligence means the mental ability used in reasoning, perceiving analogies and relationships, learning and understanding quickly, etc.

The word intelligence is a noun and the adjective is intelligent.

This post will focus mainly on intelligence vocabulary. That is, words related to intelligence. Also, you’ll find several synonyms of the word intelligent.

Intelligence vocabulary

Below is a list of the most important words related to intelligence, human intelligence words.

List of words related to intelligence

Genius (uncountable noun)

a high level of intelligence, ability, or mental skill, which only a small number of people have.

A Genius (countable noun)

a person who has a very high level of intelligence, ability, or mental skill.

A gift (noun)

an ability that is given to you by God.

Gifted (adjective)

having a natural or special ability in a particular subject.

Clever (adjective)

able to learn and understand things quickly.

Cleverness (noun)

the state of being clever.

Briliant (adjective)

extremely clever or skillful.

Brilliance (noun)

a very high level of intelligence.

Wise (adjective)

a person who is wise makes good decisions and gives good advice as they have a lot of experience in life. The opposite is unwise.

Wisdom (noun)

a good sense and judgment based on experience in life.

Smart (adjective)


Quick-witted (adjective)

able to think quickly; intelligent. The opposite is slow-witted.

Witty (adjective)


The mind (noun)

Your intelligence and ability to think, rather than your emotions.

The brain (noun)

the ability to learn quickly and think about things in an intelligent way.

A skill (noun)

an ability to do something well, especially because you learned and practiced it.



Lucidity (noun)

the ability to understand and think quickly.

Intelligent Vocabulary Words list

Below is a list of synonyms for intelligent.

Intelligent word family

Brilliant (adjective)

extremely clever

Brainy (adjective)

able to think quickly and learn easily.

intelligent synonym
Human intelligence words

Skillful (American English)/ Skilful (British English) (adjective)

good at doing something, especially something which requires special ability or training.

Skilled (adjective)

a person who is skilled has the training and experience to do something well. The opposite is unskilled.

Skilfully/ Skillfully (adverb)

in a skillful manner.

Competent (adjective)

able to do something to a satisfactory standard. The opposite is incompetent.

Able (to do something ) (adjective)

can do something.

Capable (of doing something ) (adjective)

able to do something well.

Sharp (adjective)

able to think and understand things quickly. The opposite is dull.

Shrewd (adjective)

clever at understanding and making judgments about a situation.

Astute (adjective)

very clever and quick at seeing what to do in a particular situation.


attentive (intelligence vocabulary)

Bright (adjective)

intelligent; quick to learn.

Lucid (adjective)

able to understand and think quickly.

Ingenious (adjective)

an Ingenious plan or idea works well.

Deft (adjective)

Skillful at doing something.

Dexterous (adjective)

Skillful at using hands or mind.

Alert (adjective)

able to think quickly and clearly.

Nimble (adjective)

quick and exact either in movement or thoughts.

Lively (adjective)

someone who has a lively mind is intelligent and interested in a lot of things.

The professor of education, Howard Gardner, said that there are multiple intelligences ( competences) not only one intelligence.

Gifted (adjective)

having a natural or special ability in a particular subject.

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