How to use yet in a sentence

how to use yet in a sentence

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How to use yet in a sentence

  • Yet meaning (yet definition):

Yet has a variety of meanings. Dictionaries define yet as a conjunction meaning nevertheless (= despite what has been said).

  • Yet  (conjunction) = Nevertheless/however/but.


  1. My sister works very hard, yet she has not got much money.
  2. They loved each other, yet they decided to part.
  • Yet (adverb)

Yet is used as an adverb in questions to ask if something we are expecting to happen has already happened.

  1. Has he arrived yet?
  2. Have you finished yet?
  3. Have you decided yet?

Yet can also be used as an adverb in negative sentences to say that something which is expected to happen has not happened until now. (How to use yet in a sentence)

  • I’m not ready yet.
  • She has not come yet.
  • We have not finished the project yet.
  • “Are they there?” “No, not yet”
  • I have not decided yet, but I’m thinking of moving house.


  • Yet synonyms:

Yet as a conjunction has different synonyms. Here are some:






In spite of


Even though



All these synonyms of yet express contrast.

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