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How to search the Internet efficiently

how to search the internet

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How to search the internet efficiently

As a matter of fact, people search the Internet on a daily basis. Now more than ever, they have access to information from all around the globe.

Now, people can have access to millions of websites and webpages. As a result, those who don’t know how to search the Internet effectively find it difficult to get exactly what they want. So what is the best way to search the Internet?

How do search sites like google and bing help you navigate the internet

Follow the Internet searching techniques below to find what you want on the Internet:

Tips for searching the Internet (how to search the internet)/ Google search tips

how to search the internet
how to use search engine

How to effectively search the web using google

Before doing any research on the Internet, plan what and how you are going to search. You can ask these two important questions:

  1. What is my search topic?
  2. What are the key terms (keywords)  or phrases that you are going to type on the Internet search engine?
  • Put the keyword/ keyphrase inside quotation marks. For example, if you search the phrase study skills, you will get about 2 million websites /webpages with the two words study and skills. These words may not be connected in the search results you receive.
  • Instead, if you search for “study skills” using quotation marks, you will definitely get fewer results and you may find only the websites which have the two words together. In brief, enclosing a keyword within quotation marks prompts the search engines to search for that exact keyword.
  • To make your search more specific:
  1. Use + or AND to find information together. For instance, “genetically modified food” + America.
  2. Use or NOT  to remove the information you do not need. For example, if you want information about genetically modified food but not in America, search for “genetically modified food” America.
  • If you don’t get what you need, try another search engine. There are many Internet search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, AOL, Ask.com, etc.

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