Useful hotel vocabulary: 30 hotel English vocabulary

Hotel vocabulary / Hotel phrases/Hotel English vocabulary

Here is a list of hotel vocabulary and phrases:

hotel vocabulary
Hotel vocabulary
  • Accommodation (uncountable)

A room or rooms in a house or hotel in which to live.

  • Reservation (n)

An arrangement to make sure that something is kept for your use.

  • Make a reservation

Reserve a room at a hotel, a table at a restaurant, etc.

  • Book (v)

To arrange to have something that you want to use later. For example, to book a night or nights in a hotel.

  • Guest

A person staying at a hotel.

  • A single room

A room for one person.

  • A double room

A room for two people

  • A single bed

A bed for one person

  • A double bed

A bed big enough for two people.

  • Adjoining rooms

Rooms that are next to each other or joined to each other.

  • Lobby (lobbies)

A large room inside the entrance of a building. (Please wait for me in the hotel lobby).

  • Check in: (verb)

Go to the front desk/reception in a hotel and tell the receptionist that you have arrived.

  • Check-in (noun)

Guests registration

  • Check out (verb)

To pay your bill and leave the hotel.

  • Checkout (noun)

The time when you leave the hotel at the end of your stay.

  • Reception / Front desk

The area in a hotel where visitors get help and information.

  • Suggestion box

It is used for collecting slips of paper with customers’ opinions about the hotel’s services.

  • baggage/ luggage (uncountable noun)

All the bags that you take with you when you travel.

  • Luggage cart

A small vehicle with wheels that can be used for carrying luggage.

Overnight accommodation in a hotel with breakfast included in the price.

  • Linen

Pilow cases, blankets, sheets, and tablecloths.

  • Towel

A piece of absorbent cloth used for drying the body after swimming or having a shower.

  • Vending machine

A coin-operated machine that dispenses small articles, such as snacks, drinks, cigarettes, etc.

  • Parking pass

A piece of paper that the hotel guests display in the car window while in the hotel parking lot.

  • Indoor pool

A swimming pool inside the hotel.

  • Sauna

A period of time when you sit in a room (also called sauna) that has been heated to a very high temperature. Some saunas involve the use of steam. A good hotel has a swimming pool and a sauna.

This hotel words list is not exhaustive. More hotel English vocabulary will be added to the list.

Hotel vocabulary: Hotel jobs

hotel vocabulary
Hotel vocabulary

Here is a list of hotel vocabulary related to hotel jobs.

  • Hotel manager

A hotel manager manages all the hotel’s staff.

  • Accountant

A hotel accountant does the hotel’s finances.

  • Marketing manager

Finds business for the hotel.

  • Chambermaid

A chambermaid cleans guestrooms.

  • Waiter

Serves guests in the restaurant.

  • Bartender

A bartender serves guests in a bar.

  • Porter

The porter carries guests’ bags to their rooms.

  • Concierge

A concierge gives information and helps the guests.

English vocabulary hotel reception

Hotel phrases/hotel booking vocabulary

Hotel vocabulary: Useful phrases and questions related to hotel services

The following phrases, sentences, and questions can be heard or used while making a reservation, at a hotel, or while leaving a hotel.

At the hotel vocabulary
  • I’d like to make a reservation, please.
  • I’d like to check in.
  • I have a reservation in the name of (Your name), two nights.
  • I’d like a single room for the night, please.
  • Would you prefer a room with a shower or a bath, sir?
  • Would you rather a room with a shower or a bath, sir?
  • Would you prefer a room or separate rooms, madam?
  • Would you prefer to pay cash or by credit card, sir?
  • Could you fill in this registration form and sign at the bottom where I have marked with a cross?
  • We have put you on the fifth floor.
  • Could you upgrade my room to one that has a view of the sea?
  • Can I have a wake-up call in the morning?
  • Can you get someone to help me with my luggage?
  • I’ll be waiting in the lobby, just in front of the reception desk.
  • What are your hotel facilities?
  • Is there an airport transfer? When do they leave?
  • Do you have a laundry service? I have some clothes that need washing.
  • Please help yourself to a morning newspaper. It’s complimentary.
  • Can I have a coffee…sent up to my room, please?
  • What time do you stop serving breakfast?

Examples of guest complaints in hotel/ Hotel complaints examples (Hotel vocabulary)

  • I have a problem with your hotel service.
  • I’m sorry, but my room hasn’t been cleaned.
  • I’m sorry, but the towels and sheets are dirty.
  • I’m sorry, but there’s an unpleasant smell in the bathroom.
  • My room is too hot/cold.
  • I’m sorry, but the air conditioner doesn’t work.
  • I want to complain about the heater. It’s not working.
  • My pillow is too high. Do you have another one?
  • I can’t access the WIFI.
  • I can hear too much noise in my room.
  • I’m sorry to bother you, but the shower is not working.

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