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Fables: 2 interesting fables with morals (Aesop’s fables)


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Fables: 2 short fables with morals (Aesop’s fables)

What is a fable story?

A fable is a story intended to teach a basic truth or moral about life. The characters in fables are often animals.

Here are 2 famous fables with morals:

Fable 1: The lion and the mouse story

the lion and the mouse
Aesop’s the lion and the mouse


Once upon a time, one afternoon, while a lion was sleeping peacefully after eating a heavy meal,  an active little mouse started to jump around on his body.


Without wanting to, the mouse woke up the sleeping lion, which quickly grabbed him with his huge paw. When the lion was about to swallow the mouse, the mouse asked for forgiveness and promised the lion to pay for the favour one day.

The lion started laughing and was really amused by the idea of the little mouse being able to help him one day. Anyway, the lion let the mouse go free. “Thank you, king. I will never forget your kindness.” Said the little mouse. The lion replied: “You can go now but never disturb me again.”
A few days later, a group of hunters caught the lion and tied him to a tree with a rope. While the little mouse was passing by, he suddenly heard the complaints of the lion and hurriedly went to help him.
Without thinking twice, the little mouse bit the rope and let the lion go free. The lion was so surprised at how the little mouse could do him a favor as he promised. “I’m extremely grateful to you.” Said the lion.
The lion and the mouse moral:
We should be thankful to those who help us.

Fable 2: The frogs and the dry swamp


Two frog friends lived in a lovely swamp. In the summer the swamp became dry. The two frogs had to leave it and look for a new one.


Along the way, they discovered a well full of water. They were very excited when they saw the well, and one frog said to the other:

“Why not going down into the well? We can make our home there.”


“But, if the water dries out in the well, too


Here are some very short stories with morals.

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