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fable story: The flies and the honey

fable story

The Flies and the Honey is one of Aesop’s fables, which are moral stories for kids as well as adults.

fable story


Here is the fable story:

One day, a group of flies discovered a honeycomb from which honey was leaking out.

Without being careful and thinking twice, they excitedly hurried over to it so as to eat some honey.

The honey was delicious and sweet that they could not stop eating it until it was all finished. Meanwhile, their little feet became stuck together with the sweet honey.

The flies could not fly again as they were so strongly stuck in the honeycomb. Almost drowning in this treasure they exclaimed:

” Because we wanted to eat all the honey at one pleasurable moment, we will remain trapped. Poor us! We are going to die here!”


This fable story has a good moral like all good moral stories.

fable morals

Lack of control over our deeds can lead to unpleasant consequences.

One should think twice before doing something.


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