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Everyday vs every day

Everyday vs every day

A lot of learners of English confuse the word ‘everyday’ with ‘every day’. You might be among those who ask: ” Is it everyday or every day ?” ” Everyday one or two words ?” What is the difference between everyday and every day?

In this post, you will certainly find out the difference between the two words in terms of meaning and use.

Everyday is an adjective that we can use to describe something which happens every day or regularly; something ordinary and usual not special.


Every day is an adverbial. If something happens every day, it happens regularly each day.


  • My friend and I go to the sports club every day.
  • I use the Internet every day.
  • We swim every day at the local pool.

Study the everyday vs every day examples above. You had better make your own sentences using everyday and every day so that you can internalize the meaning of the two confusing words.

Everyday vs every day: Tips

everyday vs every day

Everyday is an adjective. It means something that is common, casual and not unusual.

Every day is a frequency adverb.

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