Everyday Problems List: Daily Issues in Life

everyday problems

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People encounter a variety of problems on a daily basis. In this article, you’ll get to know some phrases and collocations relating to problems you face in your daily life (daily life problems) along with example sentences.

Everyday Problems List

Here is a list of some daily issues in life.

  • Oversleep: sleep longer than you planned to in the morning

⇒ I overslept and I was a bit late for school.

  • Miss something: arrive too late to do something

⇒ I missed the first class yesterday morning because I overslept.

  • Get stuck: not be able to move

⇒ We got stuck in traffic that is why we missed our plane.

  • Run out of something: use all of something so there is no more left.

⇒ We ran out of petrol on our way to Florida.

  • Lose something (keys, ID, passport, etc.): mislay/ be unable to find keys

⇒ I have lost my office keys. Could you help me find them?

⇒ I have lost my ID card. I need to report it to the police.

  • Have an accident: An accident: something bad that happens to people and often hurts them.

⇒ The football team had an accident on their way to the stadium.

  • Get lost: when you don’t know where you are or where to go

⇒ I guess we need a local guide, otherwise, we will get lost in the mountains.

This everyday problems list is not exhaustive. We’ll add more problems that happen frequently soon.

Annoying Everyday Problems

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