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English Words with EE in Them: E-E Words Double e words List

english words with ee in them

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Learning English words gives you greater confidence when speaking, reading or writing. English words with ee in them are numerous.

This post presents different lists of English words with ee in them. That is, words with double ee. We will also use some the ee words in examples.

English Words That Start with EE (e-e words)

Here is a list of English word with double ee at the beginning.

  • eek
  • eef
  • eejit
  • eel
  • eeler
  • eel-blenny

  • eelboat
  • eelbuck
  • eelfare
  • eelgrass
  • eelpot

  • eerie
  • eerily
  • eeriness
  • eeyore

English Words with EE in Them in Sentences

English Words with EE in Them
English words with ee in them (e-e words)

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The table below shows some English words with double ee used in sentences.

English Words with EE in ThemWords with Double EE in Sentences
See/trainee/overseeI need to see some trainees. I’m their supervisor. I oversee them on a daily basis.
MeetI’m pleased to meet you.
FeedMy mom feeds the chickens before going to work.
Hee-hawHee-haw is the cry of a donkey or an ass.
CommitteeOur school’s committee agreed on some new school rules.
PeelShe uses a peeler to peel vegetables and fruit.
MeetableYou should always set meetable goals. That is, your goals should be achievable.
MeekAll my friends are meek. They are not boastful.
FeeThe study fees this academic year are very high.
BeeHoney bees make honey. Bees make their own honeycomb from beeswax.
WeepShe was sad and weeping because she lost her father in a car accident.
HeelShe fell and broke her leg as she was wearing high-heeled shoes.
PresenteeismPresenteeism is obligatory in our school.
NeedyWe should help the needy and take of them.
NeedA friend in need is a friend indeed.
EelAn eel looks like a snake.
Eerie (adjective)Eerie means strange and mysterious. /
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
RefereeSome articles are read by two referees before they are published in our journal.
English words with double ee

Words That End in Double E

  • see
  • foresee
  • knee
  • pee
  • referee
  • fee
  • bee
  • committee
  • addressee
  • appointee
  • trainee
  • attendee

English Words with EE in Them in Sentences PDF

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