Economic vs economical: Clear definitions + 2 easy examples

Economic vs economical

Economic and economical what’s the difference?

Many learners of English confuse the meaning of economic with the meaning of economical.

So what’s the difference between economic and economical.

  • Economic (adjective)

  1. Economic means relating to the economy of a country.
  2. Relating to trade, industry, and money.

Economic in a sentence:

  1. The government officials will have a meeting to discuss economic policy.
  2. Currently, the country faces an economic crisis.
  • Economical (adjective)

Not using a lot of money, energy, space, fuel, etc.

Economical in a sentence:

  1. This car is really economical. It does not consume much fuel.
  2. I think it would be more economical to travel by sea.

The opposite of economical is uneconomical.

economic vs economical

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