Compound adjectives to describe a person: 20 important adjs

Compound adjectives to describe a person

A compound adjective (also called compound modifier) is made up of two or more words that work jointly to modify the same noun.

When compound adjectives are used before the noun they modify, they are usually hyphenated (joined together by a hyphen).

Compound adjectives whose first part is self are hyphenated as well. The words joined together by a hyphen are also known as hyphenated words.

Here is a compound adjectives list:

Compound adjectives to describe a person (Compound adjectives describing character)

compound adjectives to describe a person

  • Hard-working

A hard-working person always does a lot of work.

  • Good-natured

Naturally friendly and does not get angry easily.

  • Over-confident

Too sure about yourself and your abilities.

  • Strong-willed

Very determined to do what you want to do.

  • Weak-willed

Not determined enough to succeed in what you want to do.

  • Strong-minded

Somebody who is strong-minded is not willing to change their opinions and beliefs.

  • Broad-minded

Happy to accept ideas and ways of life different from your own.

  • Open-minded

Willing to accept opinions and ideas which are different from yours.

Not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own.

  • Bad-tempered

Often annoyed, angry, or impatient.

  • Short-tempered

If someone is short-tempered, he or she gets angry easily for no good reason.

  • Easy-going

Calm and relaxed; not easily worried or upset.

  • Big-headed

You think you are more intelligent or more important than you really are.

  • Thick-skinned

If you are thick-skinned, you are not easily hurt by criticism.

  • Cold-hearted

If you are cold-hearted, you don’t feel sorry about other people’s suffering.

  • Level headed

Calm and sensible; able to make good decisions even in difficult situations.

  • Laid-back

You are not usually worried about other people’s behavior or things that need to be done.

Compound adjectives personality with self

Compound adjectives with self are usually hyphenated.

  • Self-assured

You have confidence in your own abilities.

  • Well-behaved

Behave in a quiet and polite way.

  • Self-centered

Interested only in yourself.

  • Self-conscious

uncomfortable or nervous because you are worried about what other people think about you or your behavior.


These compound adjectives to describe a person are really interesting. So, which compound adjectives describe your personality?

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This list of compound adjectives to describe a person is not exhaustive.