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Checking On Me Meaning/Check On Me: 10 Great Examples

checking on me meaning

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What does checking on me mean? Checking on me meaning and examples? What does check on mean?

In this post, you’ll learn the meaning of checking on me (check on me). Also, you will find some good examples where ‘check on me’ is used.

Checking On Me Meaning (Check On Me Meaning)

What does checking on me mean?

Checking on me means making sure that there is nothing wrong with me. Generally, to check on someone/check on something means to check the condition, the status, or the wellbeing of someone or something through verification or inspection.

Check on Me Meaning and 10 Examples

  • My parents are always checking on me. They want to make sure I have no problems.
  • Please check on the kids before you go to your bed.
  • I don’t feel well. Please check on me from time to time.
  • Can you check on the baby and see if he is still sleeping?
  • Please keep checking on me as I do not feel well.
  • You need someone to check on you from time to time. you look unwell.
  • They were appointed to check on this issue the sooner the better.
  • My mother kept checking on me in my room as I was too sick.
  • While we were working in groups, our teacher checked on us many times to make sure we were on task.
  • If you want to make sure your employees are doing what they should do, you need to check on them.
checking on me meaning
Checking on me meaning

Thanks for Checking on Me Meaning

‘Thanks for checking on me’ can be said to someone who made sure you were Ok or were getting better when you were unwell or had a problem.

Check On Synonyms

Check on has different synonyms. Here are some:


Have a Check On It

‘Check’ as a noun can be used in various phrases to mean ‘examination’

  • Can you give the engine a check?
  • Please have a quick check to see if we have received any mails from Jack.
  • When driving, you need to keep a check on your speed. (control your speed)

Run a check on someone or something/Make a check on someone or something mean investigate.


  • We were stopped by the police and they ran a check on our car’s registration number.
  • A check is made on every candidate who has applied for the new post.

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