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Check For Me Meaning Check On Me: 10+ Perfect Examples and

check for me

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The verb check can be used with different prepositions. We can say check for, check on, check out, etc. What does check for me mean? What is the meaning of check on me? What is meaning of check me out? What does check me mean?

Check For Me Meaning

Check for me means to keep asking about or calling me to show that I am an interesting person and to make sure I am fine, especially when you are in a relationship with me.

  1. He loves me, that’s why he checks for me every day.
  2. When they broke up, they stopped checking for each other.
  3. Can you check for me darling?
  • Check for something

check for me

Check for something means to make sure that something is correct, safe, or in good condition by examining it.

  1. Check for spelling mistakes before you send your email.
  2. Check for errors before you submit your assignment.

What Is The Meaning Of Check On Me? What Does Check On Me Mean?

Check on me means making sure that there is nothing wrong with me. That is check on me meaning and below are some examples.

  1. My parents are always checking on me. They want to make sure I have no problems.
  2. I don’t feel well. Please check on me from time to time.

Check Me Meaning/ What Does Can You Check Me Mean?

When a girl has a period (menstruation) and wants to make sure her pants aren’t covered with spots of blood, she may say ‘will you check me?’ or ‘can you check me?

Janet: Can you check me, please?
Sandra: Don’t worry. You’re good.
Janet wants to make sure there are no blood spots on her pants as she has a period.

I hope this example has made the ‘check me’ meaning clearer.

What Is Meaning of Check Me Out? Check Me Out Meaning

Check me out means to find out if I am acceptable.

Examples of check me out
1. They had to check me out before giving me a job.
2. Can you check me and my friend out?

Check something out means to look at or examine something.

  • Please check out the prices at the other store.
  • Could you check out that bike?

Is It Checkin or Check in?

When check-in is a noun, it is hyphenated, whereas when it is a verb, it is not hyphenated and thus written like this ‘Check in’

Check in means to show your ticket, etc. when you arrive at an airport.

Check-in means the act of showing your ticket,…when you arrive at an airport.

Check Up On Someone/ Check Up On Me

When you check up on someone, you make sure he/she is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing.

  • When I am in my study doing my homework, my mom keeps checking up on me, which I don’t like.

How to use such as in a sentence

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