Check for me: meaning with 2 perfect examples

Check for me meaning

What does check for me mean?

  • Check for someone

check for me

Check for someone means to keep asking about or calling someone to show that they are interesting people and to make sure they are fine, especially when you are in a relationship with them.

  1. He loves me, that’s why he checks for me every day.
  2. When they broke up, they stopped checking for each other.
  • Check for something

Check for something means to make sure that something is correct, safe, or in good condition by examining it.

  1. Check for spelling mistakes before you send your email.
  2. Check for errors before you submit your assignment.
  • Check on someone (Check on me)

Checking on someone means making sure that there is nothing wrong with him/her.

  1. My parents are always checking on me. They want to make sure I have no problems.
  2. I don’t feel well. Please check on me from time to time.
  • Check up on someone

Check up on someone means to make sure that someone is doing what he or she should be doing.

  • My dad is always checking up on me .

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