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Bees words

Bees words

A Bee is a yellow and black flying insect that makes honey. There are different types of bees. ( honey bee names ). They live together in a hive and have different jobs.

Types of bees

  • Queen bee: a big female bee that lays eggs. Baby bees are born from them.
  • Drone: a male bee whose job is to mate with the queen bee. It does no other work in the hive.

Bees words

  • Worker bee: it works really hard. It collects food, makes honey and protects the queen.

Bees words

Other words related to bees ( bees words)

  • Honey: sweet sticky yellow food made by honeybees.
  • Hive (= beehive): a place bees build to live in.
  • Honeycomb: a structure that bees make. It consists of many six-sided cells where honey stored.
  • Wax: a solid substance that is made from various fats or oils.
  • Lay: to produce an egg out of the body.
  • Collect: to gather things.
  • pollinate: to give a plant or flower pollen so that it can make seeds.
  • Pollinator: bees are effective pollinators. They pollinate flowers and plants.

Facts about bees

  • There is only one queen bee in a hive.
  • The queen bee lays about 2000 eggs a day.
  • Every bee in a hive has a specific task.
  • Drones have bigger eyes.
  • Drones are sometimes kicked out of the hive when there isn’t enough food in winter.
  • Worker bees are all female.
  • About 50000 to 60000 worker bees can live in one hive.
  • The honeycomb is made of hexagonal cells because the hexagonal shape saves more space than any other shape.
  • Bees are effective pollinators.
  • Honey bees are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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