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Agreeing and disagreeing

Agreeing and disagreeing / Expressing agreement and disagreement

Here are various expressions of agreement and disagreement (exponents of agreeing and disagreeing)

Agreeing ( expressing agreement)

  • I agree with you.
  • I agree completely/ entirely.
  • I totally agree with you.
  • I couldn’t agree more.
  • I certainly agree with you.
  • I quite agree with you.
  • I share the same view.
  • I share your point.
  • That’s a good point.
  • You’re definitely /absolutely right.
  • You are quite right.
  • That’s just how I see it.
  • That’s exactly what I was thinking myself.

These are only some phrases of agreement that you can use to agree with someone or something. This list of expressions is not exhaustive.

Disagreeing ( expressing disagreement)

  • I disagree with you.
  • I’m sorry, but I disagree.
  • I don’t agree.
  • I can’t agree.
  • I’m afraid I don’t agree.
  • I see what you mean, but…..
  • Yes, that’s quite true, but…
  • Sorry to say it, but you are wrong.
  • I’m afraid, you’re wrong.
  • I don’t share this view with you.
  • Perhaps, but don’t you agree/think that……
  • Well, I’m not sure about that.

Agreeing and disagreeing with someone about something or someone is what people practise on a daily basis, either at home or at work. Use the aforementioned expressions to agree and disagree with your friends, relatives or boss. Please notice that you should be polite when disagreeing with others.