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Essential 20 Words Related to Garden: 4 Main Types of Garden

20 words related to garden

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20 words related to garden (garden words). A garden is a piece of land around your house, next to your house, or in a public place where vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc. are grown. A garden usually has a lawn. There is a variety of garden vocabulary words.

In this post, you’ll learn different beautiful garden words. These words related to garden and garden-related things are listed with their meaning. You will also get to know about the main types of gardens.

20 Words Related to Garden

Here are 20 words related to garden. These garden vocabulary words are stated with their meaning.


Work that someone does in a garden such as growing flowers, watering plants, etc.


The green wild plants with narrow green leaves that are eaten by sheep, cows, horses, etc.


An area of flat grass in a garden, a park, or used for playing a sporting game on.


A long seat for sitting in the garden.


Beautiful plants that grow in your garden.

Dig (verb)

To make a hole in the ground.

Plant (verb)

To put seeds, plants, etc. in the ground so that they can grow.


Little things that you put in the ground so that they can grow into flowers, plants, etc.


Tall plants that can live a long time. Trees provide shade in your garden.


The person who looks after gardens.


Food that grows in your garden.


An area in the garden with a hard surface where you can sit, relax, eat, etc.


A wooden construction around the side of the house with plants on it.

To water

To put water on plants, grass, flowers, etc.

A garden shed

A small building, in the garden, made of wood in which you can put garden tools.

Lawnmower (mower)

A machine used for cutting the grass on lawns.

Mow (verb)

If you mow the grass, you cut it with a lawnmower.


A garden tool for breaking the surface of the soil.


A pronged tool having a long straight handle, used for digging, lifting, throwing, etc.

Hand fork

A pronged tool with a short handle, used for turning over the soil in the garden.

Other 20 Words Related to Garden (Garden Related Things)

Most common garden words

Below is a list of words associated with gardening with their meanings.


A long-handled digging tool with a broad metal blade which is designed to be pushed into the ground with the foot.


A tool with a long handle and a broad blade with curved edges, used for lifting and carrying loose material.


A small garden tool with a curved blade for digging holes and lifting plants.


A garden tool with a comb-like part at one end, used for smoothing or breaking up earth, gathering leaves together, etc.

Watering can

A container with a handle and a long spout, used for watering plants.

Wheelbarrow (barrow)

A small one-wheeled cart with two handle at one end, used for transporting small loads.

Hosepipe (hose)

A flexible tube for for conveying water for watering plants, cleaning,etc.


A device that sprinkles water over plants, grass, lawn, etc.

Gardening gloves

Two items of clothing used for covering all or part of the hand and fingers. They usually allow independent movement of the fingers.


Animals with wings and feathers that produce eggs.


Bees are yellow and black flying insects that make honey. Bees are usually found in gardens that have flowers.

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A thin wall made of wood or wire.


Shoes that cover your foot and the bottom of your leg.


A container in which you grow flowers.

Plant pot

A container where you can grow plants.


A tool with a short handle and a curved blade, used for cutting grass and grain crops.

Garden shears

Very large scissors used in gardening.


A tool that has a heavy head flattened to a blade on one side, and a handle attached to it. It can be used for felling trees or chopping wood, etc.

Pruning saw

A tool used for removing excess material from trees.


An instrument that consists of a long, curving blade with a sharp concave edge, used for mowing grain, grass, etc.

Recycling bin

A container in which you put items that can be recycled.

10 Words Associated with Gardening with Pictures

20 words related to garden
20 Words related to garden (garden words)

Main Types of Gardens (20 words related to garden)

There are 4 main types of garden: A kitchen garden, herb garden, botanical garden, and public garden.

Kitchen garden

A garden where fruit and vegetables are grown.

Herb garden

A garden where herbs are grown.

Botanical garden

A garden which is set up for scientific study and display of plants. Botanical gardens may belong to a university or an academy of science.

Public garden

Public space in a town where plants and trees are grown. The public is usually allowed to visit public gardens for free.

20 Words Related to Garden: Words to Describe a Garden

How do you describe a garden?

Here are 20 adjectives that you can use to describe a garden.

  • Attractive
  • Large
  • Small
  • Beautiful
  • Elaborate
  • Walled
  • Formal
  • Public
  • Enclosed
  • Tropical
  • Neglected
  • Organic
  • Ornamental
  • Overgrown
  • Perennial
  • Suburban
  • Sunken
  • Lush
  • Shady
  • Magnificent

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